Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Songs Week of 12/10-12/14

With my computer still dead, and the hard drive casing still not in my possession, this week is now declared "Filler Week".

Readers may remember when the Thanksgiving Break brought with it a swarm of removals, including the entirety of the original Pulsar. Now, several of those tracks are being brought back: All the Rowboats, Opposites Attract, and Yerbatero.

In addition, the DDR Classics section is getting a big boost. 3 tracks from every arcade mix after EXTREME save for X2 are being added. Here they are by mix:

X3: ever snow, MAGIC PARADE, Private Eye
X: on the bounce, Taj He Spitz, Ubertreffen
SN2: Blind Justic ~Torn souls, Hurt Faiths~, Pluto Relinquish, Trust -DanceDanceRevolution-
SN: Dragon Blade, My Only Shining Star, rainbow rainbow

All of these are Konami Originals, but it's worth noting that Trust is originally from Gurren Lagaan, and it has its opening video to accompany.

...and that's it. See you next week, and let's hope for better!

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