Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Songs Week of 1/7-1/11

Since this is Christmas break, we now have a large period of time to make stuff, and make stuff I shall! Up to the date, expect this post to be continually updated.

First up is Fantastic Baby, the first K-Pop song confirmed for Fiesta 2. This song has its cliche moments, but that just makes it even more fun! Also, Livin' la Vida Loca and You Give Love a Bad Name are back from my dead computer.

From the Trotmania front, we also bring you Hush Now Quiet Now's remix by TranceBlossom. This simfile was stepped by Ben Speirs, who has formerly contributed to the series with the core steps for Discord (The Living Tombstone's Mix). We also have additions from Dreamland200, Flutterwonder and For the New Lunar Republic [Remix]. Now, for those looking for some Season 3 action, normally you'd have to wait for the master files to be sourced by Captain Comedy, whose audio was the source for the show tunes in the original Trotmania, but we have an early version of the simfile for Raise This Barn, now with a Challenge chart from me. Another show tune we have is Find a Pet, a great duet that switches between triplet and normal timing. Lastly we also have Miles, another track from dBPony, this time featuring EileMonty, who appeared in Oh Sweetie Belle and Picture Perfect Pony, respectively.

New Songs

Don't Stop Me Now

Fantastic Baby
Big Bang

Find a Pet
[My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]


For the New Lunar Republic [Remix]
General Mumble befriends Not A Clever Pony

Hush Now Quiet Now (TranceBlossom Remix)
Trance Blossom

Livin' la Vida Loca
Ricky Martin

dBPony feat. EileMonty

Raise This Barn
[My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]

You Give Love a Bad Name
Bon Jovi

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Songs Week of 12/17-12/21

One new track has been added this week. Pain by Three Days Grace is quite a dark track, and the guitar hook leads to some nice Expert steps! While it doesn't at the moment, it will soon contain its recent PMV, ready for addition to the 1.40 patch of Trotmania.

In addition, out of purgatory emerges I'm Still Standing, with a new Medium chart. Hopefully, a new sync will be done soon.

New Songs
I'm Still Standing
Elton John

3 Days Grace

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Songs Week of 12/10-12/14

With my computer still dead, and the hard drive casing still not in my possession, this week is now declared "Filler Week".

Readers may remember when the Thanksgiving Break brought with it a swarm of removals, including the entirety of the original Pulsar. Now, several of those tracks are being brought back: All the Rowboats, Opposites Attract, and Yerbatero.

In addition, the DDR Classics section is getting a big boost. 3 tracks from every arcade mix after EXTREME save for X2 are being added. Here they are by mix:

X3: ever snow, MAGIC PARADE, Private Eye
X: on the bounce, Taj He Spitz, Ubertreffen
SN2: Blind Justic ~Torn souls, Hurt Faiths~, Pluto Relinquish, Trust -DanceDanceRevolution-
SN: Dragon Blade, My Only Shining Star, rainbow rainbow

All of these are Konami Originals, but it's worth noting that Trust is originally from Gurren Lagaan, and it has its opening video to accompany.

...and that's it. See you next week, and let's hope for better!

Friday, November 30, 2012

New Songs Week of 12/3-12/7

This week was so going to be stuffed...and then my computer died. Luckily, I had uploaded 3 of my 5 files already, and those were able to come out. Flutterborn is a trance reinterpretation of So Many Wonders, stepped by Lirodon. Afterlife is a remix of Christian band Switchfoot's hit, giving it a hiphop/dancehall flavor. FOREVER (JackTHerbert Remix) is a much more hardcore reinterpretation of the song. The steps, according to designer Dreamland200, were inspired by VANESSA, and they are hard enough to warrant replacing Party With Pinkie [VIP] as Pinkie's boss song in-game. Rest assured, VIP is still in the game, but it is now part of the normal tracklist.

Now, for the 2 less fortunate tracks. Livin' la Vida Loca had its recent PMV, having the crazy life of Pinkie at the focus. You Give Love a Bad Name was a result of consistent requests for Bon Jovi, and I regret not being able to release it this week. Hopefully, in these next few weeks, I'll get the hard drive casing I need and salvage the hard drive with the files.

New Songs

Afterlife (Aviators Remix)

DJ Twitch

FOREVER (JackTHerbert Remix)
General Mumble

Livin' la Vida Loca
Ricky Martin

You Give Love a Bad Name
Bon Jovi

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Songs Week of 11/27-11/30

First, bad news. I decided that the game needed some break cleaning, and have axed a number of simfiles from the game. The entire mix formerly known as Pulsar is now in purgatory, with perhaps some songs refined for what will be the new Pulsar, comprising mainly of Pulsar 2 songs. However, some of those will also be cut:

  • Burn it Down - Linkin Park
  • Everybody's Fool - Evanescence
  • How Far We've Come - Matchbox 20
  • Right Now - Psy
Everything else remains. We also have some new Trotmania 2 songs headed your way, with Trixie's Good Side and Make it Special (Season Rebirth Mix) being added.

New Songs

Make it Special (Season Rebirth MIX)

Trixie's Good Side

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Songs Week of 11/19-11/21

Trotmania 2 is still in its early development stage, with more tracks coming to club this week from it. Applejack's Theme from Fighting is Magic and FOREVER by General Mumble are both making their debuts. In addition, the 1.40 patch song, Hold Me, is being added, spawning the popular Want It Need It PMV. Don't think normal players are being neglected, though! We also have Right Now, the first single off Psy Five, in lieu of its removal from Fiesta 2. At least now we get a taste of what it's like in a rhythm game situation. Also, for the weird selection this week, we have March of the Cards from Alice in Wonderland. I can actually provide background on the pick: I now have a baby sister and the Alice soundtrack was one of the albums we use to calm her. Listening to the march, I realized how steppable it was, and it now makes its debut as a Challenge track!

New Songs

Applejack's Theme

General Mumble

Hold Me (Want It Need It)
Delta Heavy

March of the Cards
[Alice in Wonderland]

Right Now

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Songs Week of 11/12-11/16

Saturday was completely dedicated to one thing: making a video. It was my first PMV, Brain Stew by Green Day, and it's coming to club this week! We also have Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood coming this week, from her 2009 album Play On.

Finally, there's a flood of Trotmania content coming, with Race Against Time, Magic, and Party With Pinkie [VIP] all making their debuts today.

New Songs

Brain Stew
Green Day

Cowboy Casanova
Carrie Underwood

The Living Tombstone feat. Lauren G.

Party With Pinkie [VIP]
Alex S.

Race Against Time
Jeff Steinman

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Songs Week of 11/5-11/9

Ironing out the kinks in the Trotmania release (which is now live) took up most of my time this week. However, I am able to work on one song: the very requested Gangnam Style! Yep, we finally got the song with the dance into the game. The Basic charts has sections where you can imitate the dance, while the Expert chart goes to the synth line. Happy galloping, both of you! Speaking of that, Trotmania's patch songs are also in the works, with these new songs considered part of Trotmania CHRYSTALIZE, the sequel to the game. Right now, Magic / The Living Tombstone feat. Lauren G. and Mony Mony / Billy Idol are both in the works. In addition, if Gangnam Style gets a proper Ponification sometime soon (and I mean more than the chorus), it too may be added.

New Song

Gangnam Style

Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Songs Week of 10/30-11/2

Not much is coming from me, as Trotmania is in the final stage of testing before it's planned release on November. All aboard the hype train! Or at least, I thought I wasn't going to distribute much, but the school cancellation is allowing me to work on more songs! Even more hype!

In any case, we have 2 new tracks from Trotmania along with 2 brand new tracks. Flouride Soundscapes (Brushie Brushie Mix) is a nice trance tune to unwind to. Currently it only has fairly easy charts, but a challenge by our team is in the works. Sweetheart is another track from the always awesome Foozogz. Combining chiptune, drum 'n bass, and happy hardcore, this track makes for some hyper steps! As for new tracks, Tina Turner's I Don't Wanna Fight is the first. Topping the US Adult Contemporary charts, this song has a great beat, and makes for a fun dance. We also have one new track for the DDR Queen initiative, and it's finally a big one: We Will Rock You. It's impossible to not join in the stomp-stomp-clapping of this awesome anthem! I Am the Best rounds off this week, with a punk feeling to its groove. It was actually stepped in celebration of Pump it Up Fiesta 2's teaser last week, in which they confirmed new songs for their tracklist, which includes the song.

New Songs

Flouride Soundscapes (Brushie Brushie Mix)
Derpy Hooves

I Am the Best

I Don't Wanna Fight
Tina Turner


We Will Rock You

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Songs Week of 10/22-10/26

We have a nice handful of tracks to enjoy this week. First up is I'm Going Slightly Mad from Queen's last album Innuendo. A perfectly quirky track, this is appearing in both the Queen collection and in Trotmania. A song more dedicated to Trotmania is also coming: Becoming Popular. Finally, another show tune is in the game. Finally, we have KID R, a BEMANI crossover for Trotmania. Originally planned for the jubeat crossover by Dreamland200, it has been reworked and given Beginner and Challenge charts by yours truly.

New Songs
Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)
[My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]

I'm Going Slightly Mad

Yu Tokiwa

I'm Going Slightly Mad has a 480p 3000kbps Video
Becoming Popular has a 720p 6000kbps Video

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Songs Week of 10/16-10/19

I apologize that I haven't been able to get much done, but it's not like I could with this cold I had the whole weekend. I have, however, done two tracks.

The first track from the newly announced Dance Dance Revolution: Queen, Princes of the Universe, is now added. Known from the 80's movie Highlander, it has become the theme song for the whole series, and is a very frenetic rock track. Now, hopefully each week, one or two new tracks from this game will come out, with the final one being number 15. We also have Torero, Chayanne's major single from his Greatest Hits album. It's not hard to see why it got #1 on the Spanish charts, with its awesome techno beat, latin flavor, and anthemic chorus!

Now, I had other tracks in the works, but couldn't finish for this week:
Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)
Headlong / Queen

I can almost assure these will be ready next week.

New Song

Princes of the Universe / Queen

Torero / Chayanne

Princes of the Universe contains a 360p 3000kbps Video
Torero contains a 480p 3000kbps Video

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Songs Week of 10/8-10/12

Not much this week because, I'm putting the final touches on Trotmania. However, you guys get first access to the 2 newest tracks of the game!

First up is Smile Like You Mean It, from The Killers album Hot Fuss. Now, I know that wasn't part of the final list before, but it turned out that our count was 51 (49 not including the EVOLVED alternates), so I decided to add this last track. It comes with all difficulties and is a good chiller simfile with some edge thrown in. Also, we have the hardest Expert song in the game: My Little Pony Theme (Alex S. Glitch Remix) with a level 18! Trust me, it's very vicious, and will test your chaotic ability. (Sort of like Discord (The Living Tombstone's Mix), but faster). I'd like to credit xddr1996x for the base file, which he made as a Pump it Up Pro custom song. I've added new graphics and a fixed sync at the beginning along with the 4-panel charts.

Nothing new for downloaders, but rest assured that the 52-song game is coming soon!

New Songs

My Little Pony Theme (Alex S. Glitch Remix) / Alex S.

Smile Like You Mean It / The Killers

My Little Pony Theme (Alex S. Glitch Remix) has a 480p 4:3 video which will be replaced if a WS video is provided by xddr1996x.
Smile Like You Mean It has a 720p 16:9 3000kbps video.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Songs Week of 10/1-10/5

New month, new songs, and a new announcement. The songs in this announcement will soon be appearing in the PHS before the hiatus concludes. Open gym dates for Wellness 2 Block 4 Even will have the DDR available for play!

Now for the new songs. All the songs are fairly recent. The oldest of the bunch is Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You), from late last year. This song really gets the energy flowing in you! We also have Want U Back, Cher Lloyd's debut single in the U.S. It's sort of teen pop-ish, but it makes up for it with tough steps! Lastly, there is Linkin Park's Burn it Down from the album that came out this summer! An interesting electro-rock diversion, it proves to be very steppable.

I am also proud to announce the imminent release of Trotmania. With the setlist finalized at 48 songs, I can reveal the whole thing finally! Check it out here!

For downloaders here, Call Me Maybe and What the Hell will be live for download on Monday! Rock Out Pack has been cancelled due to sync errors with Lithium and Ready to Go.

New Songs

Burn it Down / Linkin Park

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) / Kelly Clarkson

Want U Back / Cher Lloyd



All songs contain 720p videos this week.
Burn it Down, Call Me Maybe, Want U Back, and What the Hell have 3000kbps videos.
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) has a 4500 kbps video.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Announcement: PHS Location Hiatus and Online Focus

I'm sad to announce that, due to sports complications, we do not have any regulars at the (currently) only location of the DDR Club, Pottstown High School. As such, the club will be dissolved until January, when the fall and winter sports are mostly over.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Songs Week of 9/24-9/28

This week, we have 3 new tracks, and boy is one of them big! Coinciding with the song's recent addition to the Pottstown High School Marching Band's Stand Music, Call Me Maybe is now playable in DDR! Have fun, but don't get thrown off by the crowd of singers that will join you and mess up your rhythm. Sorry, but that's the tradeoff with popularity.

I've also added Collective Soul's Shine into the game. A 90's hit, this grunge song makes for some complex steps despite the low speed. We also have Boys and Girls by Pixie Lott. Her debut single in the U.S., it has a party atmosphere and is a blast to step!

In addition, all 4 show tunes from the Trotmania setlist now have true HD videos to go along with them, including Opportunity for the first time. Lastly, we have a nice selection of new charts for existing songs as well. Have fun!

New Songs

Boys and Girls / Pixie Lott

Call Me Maybe / Carly Rae Jepsen

Shine / Collective Soul

New Charts

Diamond Dogs (Euro-Dirt Mix) / Eurobeat Brony

Oh Sweetie Belle / dBPony

Picture Perfect Pony (ft. EileMonty) / Mandopony

Art of the Dress (Expert) is now downrated from a 13 to a 12
Opportunity (The Flim Flam Brothers Song) and Winter Wrap Up now have a new graphics set
Art of the Dress, Opportunity (The Flim Flam Brothers Song), Smile Smile Smile!, and Winter Wrap Up now have 6000kbps 720p HD videos
Call Me Maybe has a 3000kbps 720p Video
Shine has a 3000kbps 480p Video
Content may be added and edited into this post until 9/24/12

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Songs Week of 9/17-9/21

Welcome to the first song update for the blog! Each week, I release a small handful of new songs of my own creation along with new songs from the Trotmania project. This week, there's a nice variety. First up, for the main series, is What the Hell from Avril Lavigne's latest album Goodbye Lullaby. An energetic track, it will get your body pumped!

For Trotmania, we have "Oh Sweetie Belle", a rockin' tune from last month by dBPony. It's got a funk vibe, and it's got funky steps to match. From Trotmania member Dreamland200, I present "Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Mix) and SUPER TWILIGHT ATTACK OF THE J-POP SLEAZY BOSS GO GO!. The latter is a fun homage to cheesy boss themes, and it has boss steps of high difficulty. Hope you can survive!

Green tracks are available at the Edgewood Elementary School location.


Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Mix) / PinkiePieSwear

Oh Sweetie Belle / dBPony


What the Hell / Avril Lavigne


Lights / Ellie Goulding

Miracle Moon(L.E.D.LIGHT STYLE Mix) / Togo Project feat. Sana

All new songs have full graphic sets.
What the Hell has an HD Music Video (1280x720)
Miracle Moon's Difficult and Expert were moved up to Expert and Challenge to make room for the new Difficult.
Lights' Basic was mistakenly placed in Beginner. This has now been fixed.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Check out this page for updates on the tracklist for DDR Club, which currently has locations in Pottstown High School and (soon) Edgewood Elementary School.

Here's the current tracklist.

Green indicates a song available in the Edgewood location:

DanceDanceRevolution Pulsar

Baby I Don't Care / Transvision Vamp
Boys and Girls / Pixie Lott
Call Me Maybe / Carly Rae Jepsen
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) / Garbage
Gangnam Style / Psy
I Am the Best / 2NE1
I Don't Wanna Fight / Tina Turner
Lights / Ellie Goulding
Maneater / Hall & Oates
Mr. Saxobeat / Alexandra Stan
Naturally / Selena Gomez & The Scene
Shine / Collective Soul
The Sweet Escape / Gwen Stefani
Torero / Chayanne
Want U Back / Cher Lloyd
What the Hell / Avril Lavigne
With You / Chris Brown

TrotMania: Rhythm is Magic

Art of the Dress
Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)
Opportunity (The Flim Flam Brothers Song)
Smile Smile Smile
Winter Wrap Up
Brain Stew / Green Day
Cowboy Casanova / Carrie Underwood
Doctor Who / JAKAZiD
Want It Need It (Hold Me) /
I'm Going Slightly Mad / Queen
Make a New Dance Up / Hey Ocean
Smile Like You Mean It / The Killers
Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix) / Ellie Goulding
Yellow / Coldplay
Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Mix) / PinkiePieSwear
Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) [8-bit]
Beyond Her Garden / Wooden Toaster
Big Macintosh (JackleApp Remix) / JackleApp
Dedede Invades Equestria / Interrobang Pie befriends Stormwolf
Discord (The Living Tombstone's Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
Dubstep Dishwasher / The Living Tombstone
Evil Enchantress (Euro-Spell Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
Flouride Soundscapes (Brushie Brushie Mix) / Derpy Hooves
Good Girl (Sub.Sound Remix) / Dasha + The Living Tombstone
I Am No Hero / Mandopony
I Love Everything / JackleApp
Love is in Bloom (Remix) / The Aviators
Luna (DREAM Mode) / Eurobeat Brony
Octavia's Overture / The Living Tombstone
Oh Sweetie Belle / dBPony
Party With Pinkie / Alex S.
Picture Perfect Pony (ft. EileMonty) / Mandopony
Pinkie's Homebrew / Interrobang Pie
Ponyville / Hirosashii
Scoot's Race (Scootaloo's Theme) / Derpy Hooves
Spin That Record Vinyl Scratch / KeepOnRockin'
Sweetheart / foozogz
The Land of Equestria / Hirosashii
Vinyl Takes Flight [Let's Get This Started] / Derpy Hooves
AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL (Equinova Edit) / 8 Bit
Dual Love / Gavin G & Dan Rolla J
KID R / Yu Tokiwa
Miracle Moon (L.E.D.LIGHT STYLE Mix) / Togo Project feat. Sana
Race Against Time / Jeff Steinman
The Big Angry White Horse / Morning Blue Dragon
yellow head joe / S-C-U
Cupcakes (Sweetbeat Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
Pony Swag (Scootaloo-Safe Radio Edit) / Swagberg feat. Maros
Sweet Rain / Y&Co. feat. Karin
Applejack Bucks 400 Apple Trees / foozogz
Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag / General Mumble
Diamond Dogs (Euro-Dirt Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
LOVE ME! / DJ D-dog
Pinkie Pie's Theme / Whitetail
Cloudsdale EVOLVED / xRGTMx Underground
Discord (Euro-Chaos Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
Love Bloom / foozogz
My Little Pony Theme (Alex S. Glitch Remix) / Alex S.

FOREVER / General Mumble
Magic / The Living Tombstone feat. Lauren G.
Applejack's Theme / RainbowCrash88
Party With Pinkie [VIP] / Alex S.