Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Songs Week of 11/12-11/16

Saturday was completely dedicated to one thing: making a video. It was my first PMV, Brain Stew by Green Day, and it's coming to club this week! We also have Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood coming this week, from her 2009 album Play On.

Finally, there's a flood of Trotmania content coming, with Race Against Time, Magic, and Party With Pinkie [VIP] all making their debuts today.

New Songs

Brain Stew
Green Day

Cowboy Casanova
Carrie Underwood

The Living Tombstone feat. Lauren G.

Party With Pinkie [VIP]
Alex S.

Race Against Time
Jeff Steinman


  1. Where do you download the songs at? :I

  2. This blog is intended for the Pottstown location, which has a DDR club that I supply songs for. However, 2 of the 5 tracks from this week (Cowboy Casanova and Race Against Time) are in the Trotmania category ready for download:

    Brain Stew will also be up for download soon. The other two are going to be part of the Trotmania CHRYSTALIZE package, which will be released Spring/Summer 2013.