Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Songs Week of 11/19-11/21

Trotmania 2 is still in its early development stage, with more tracks coming to club this week from it. Applejack's Theme from Fighting is Magic and FOREVER by General Mumble are both making their debuts. In addition, the 1.40 patch song, Hold Me, is being added, spawning the popular Want It Need It PMV. Don't think normal players are being neglected, though! We also have Right Now, the first single off Psy Five, in lieu of its removal from Fiesta 2. At least now we get a taste of what it's like in a rhythm game situation. Also, for the weird selection this week, we have March of the Cards from Alice in Wonderland. I can actually provide background on the pick: I now have a baby sister and the Alice soundtrack was one of the albums we use to calm her. Listening to the march, I realized how steppable it was, and it now makes its debut as a Challenge track!

New Songs

Applejack's Theme

General Mumble

Hold Me (Want It Need It)
Delta Heavy

March of the Cards
[Alice in Wonderland]

Right Now

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