Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Songs Week of 10/8-10/12

Not much this week because, I'm putting the final touches on Trotmania. However, you guys get first access to the 2 newest tracks of the game!

First up is Smile Like You Mean It, from The Killers album Hot Fuss. Now, I know that wasn't part of the final list before, but it turned out that our count was 51 (49 not including the EVOLVED alternates), so I decided to add this last track. It comes with all difficulties and is a good chiller simfile with some edge thrown in. Also, we have the hardest Expert song in the game: My Little Pony Theme (Alex S. Glitch Remix) with a level 18! Trust me, it's very vicious, and will test your chaotic ability. (Sort of like Discord (The Living Tombstone's Mix), but faster). I'd like to credit xddr1996x for the base file, which he made as a Pump it Up Pro custom song. I've added new graphics and a fixed sync at the beginning along with the 4-panel charts.

Nothing new for downloaders, but rest assured that the 52-song game is coming soon!

New Songs

My Little Pony Theme (Alex S. Glitch Remix) / Alex S.

Smile Like You Mean It / The Killers

My Little Pony Theme (Alex S. Glitch Remix) has a 480p 4:3 video which will be replaced if a WS video is provided by xddr1996x.
Smile Like You Mean It has a 720p 16:9 3000kbps video.

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