Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Songs Week of 3/18-3/22

2 new songs head to the club this week, one being a brand new original! ...erm, well actually it's an original remix, but same difference! TrotMania artist YURIMEAS has made Cranky's Party 4U (For Pinkie Pie Remix). It doesn't stray too far from the original, but it's still pretty nice. Also on display are Wonderbolt, which is shaping up to be Rainbow Dash's boss song, and Flutterbeep, confirmed to be Fluttershy's boss song. Bringing back the memories of kids' rock show themes in a good way, the steps for Wonderbolt are tough but fun.

New Songs

Flutterbeep (Additive Subtractive's Fluttershy is BEEPest Pone Freeform Remix)

Party 4U (For Pinkie Pie Remix)
Cranky remixed by YURIMEAS

dBPony feat. Prince Whateverer


  1. I thought "Only For You, Dash" is Rainbow Dash's boss song.

    The Challenge steps are on level 15 already.

    1. Dream, I see that track on the planned list, but I had no idea it was being stepped. You really need to upload things or at least post earlier if you already have charts done to reduce confusion. Though, it's starting to appear that Wonderbolt is going to end up like Dedede Invades Equestria from last game anyway: bossish tier but not a boss.